GD Prime is owned and run by seasoned professionals who have worked in property management for more than 10 years.


We provide a complete service that would give all your needs such as administrative, technical, and strategic aspects of managing your property. This may include maintenance and security, billing and collection, feedback mechanisms, budget and planning, renovations or expansions.



Our company has expertise in both Horizontal and Vertical residential properties. Whether it be a sprawling village with rolling streets or high-rise developments that touch the sky, we remain constant in our goal of providing the most comfortable and secure environment for our customers.



Whether for mixed-use, fully commercial developments, or office building, our company can manage your property. We can provide lease compliance monitoring, billing, collections, and lease rate recommendations and review.

Make the most of your present assets- we can manage your facilities such as function or conference rooms, pool areas and other common areas. Aside from the standard upkeep and maintenance tasks, we can also handle reservation, billing and payment systems for your facilities.

A relatively new development in Property Management, we can maximize the profit obtained from your asset- whether it be a barren lot or an established parking structure, we can see to all your structural needs, maintain and keep secure your property and its occupants, manage traffic flow, and provide the necessary manpower and systems for payment and collections.

Every property has its own engineering requirements. Our staff are well equipped and proficient in the maintenance of various buildings and structures, including elevator, plumbing, sewage, environmental, sanitary, and electrical servicing and planning

Depending on your needs, we provide a staff with a skill-set that is adequate to meet your demands. From simple custodial or security matters to complex engineering and structural issues, we provide the right people for the job

Full Property Management
Residential Management
Commercial Management
Facilities Management
Parking Management
Engineering Management
Technical Manpower